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Any business is always preceded by its brand or image reputation. That holds true for any business environment – offline or online. There is no denying the fact that business is cut-throat and this is compounded by the presence of unscrupulous competitors, ex-employees who feel left out and dissatisfied customers.

Since the Internet is a democratic platform, the freedom of expression takes on a totally different meaning and it becomes a free for all warfare of words. The result is a dent in your image or reputation and this particularly hurts if you have persevered to be ethical and give your best both as an individual and as a company.
What is SERM?
Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a collective process of protecting the image of a brand, company or individual. Many times this involves a counter-attack on the source responsible for the damage. Every traffic intensive social network is utilized for the damage control effort. This might include – writing new Blogs from company heads, flurry of new articles, new Press releases etc.
How we do it?
One rule of thumb we use for our SERM campaign is ' Do not react with a counter attack'.
  • Any counter attack almost places you in the same court as the maligning party
  • Since any defamatory content always appears in Search engine results, we utilize all the tools to push down the negative results
  • This means, doing aggressive seo for positive contents about the individual / company
  • We start channels of conversation on all the social networks – These conversations are intended to create brand ambassadors by letting the participants judge for themselves. This often corners an individual or a group who are trying to malign your image
  • We encourage a company decision maker to create a blog and establish conversation with the common man. This brings a lot of credibility and transparency in the workings of the company.
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