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Social networking between the customers, business owners and service providers has become the backbone of Internet economy. The utilization of Social network has become indispensable for the Business owners.  Social Networks provides a platform for people to get together, interact, communicate and develop online communities.  Social networking portals have rapidly evolved into functional market platforms that facilitate business collaborations and intelligent leads on the web.

Social networking systems can be used to create professional as well as niche social networks.  Networking means marketing in this digital age of instant deals and transactions.  Millions of potential customers are surfing the web every second.  How do we get their eyeballs on our site?  This can happen with the right social network. SpreadableIdeas can partner with you to create a social network that capture the essence of your business and makes your customers the brand promoters of your business.  Our talented designers convert your ideas into executable applications.

What differentiates SpreadableIdeas from other web developers is that when we design, implement and launch your Social Network it will be yours to own.  We can continue to manage your social network, or you can manage yourself.  We believe tthat by providing our customers with this flexibility we establish long term relationships that go beyond our web design.

During the past three years there has been a signficant shift from static web sites and traditional print advertising, like billboards, magazines, newspaper, flyers, etc. to an interactive environment where the customer becomes an active participant in the selling or purchasing process.

What we Offer...
Our service offering depends on the client needs and objectives. The features offered in our Social Networking solution vary from basic to advanced.  Every business has their own unique requirements and we serve them all – in the most professional way we can...

  • Extensible User Profiles
  • New users can easily sign up using their Facebook,
  • Blogging
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Wall / Comments
  • Private Messages
  • Friends List
  • Friend Bulletin
  • Search
  • Forum
  • Groups
  • Classifieds
  • Administrator's Account
  • Basic Branding
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Find / Invite Email Contacts
  • Music/MP3 Players
  • Mobile Access
  • Email Newsletter Manager
  • Contest Pages
  • Ad Campaign Pages
  • Featured Profiles
  • Instant Messenger
  • Open Social API
  • Banner Ad System
  • Basic Widget Library
  • Custom Widget
  • Profile Store
  • Advanced Branding
  • Post-Launch Tech Support
  • Tagging & Rating
  • File Sharing
  • Résumé Generator
  • SKYPE Integration
  • News Sharing
  • User Polls
  • YouTube Video Player
  • Content Flagging
Whether a small, medium or large enterprise, you can trust the design team of SpreadableIdeas to turn your rough sketch into full-fledged social conversation portals.

Creating social networks is often a large investment in both time and money - requiring a team that has the confidence and technical expertise to deliver all weather solutions. At SpreadableIdeas you’ll work with designers and engineers who have been developing advanced Web 2.0 applications for more than a decade now.

Contact us today for a free evaluation:

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